Castleshire Solitary Pack  EXPANSION

Castleshire Solitary Pack EXPANSION

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Designed in New Zealand!

This is an upgrade pack, and requires the Castleshire base game and Beyond the Realm upgrade kit. 

Solitary upgrade kit for Castleshire, the board game. For 1 player, compatible with all available expansions.

Their Majesty sends their protégé to compete against you, the single most promising masterbuilder of Castleshire, in the ultimate showdown to finally build the perfect castle.

The solo mode is a 2-player game in which you play solitary against the protégé who is a simulated artificial player that bluffs and memorizes, and also adjusts to how you play and bluff.


  • 4 Blue dice for the player
  • 4 Yellow dice for the protégé
  • 2 Control dice (gray and purple)
  • 17 Solo cards (ally replacements)