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A graphic novel for fans of Raina Telgemeier about stepping out of one's comfort zone, navigating new experiences, and the satisfaction of blazing your own trails. The second book in the New York Times bestselling "Click" series.

Olive is sure she'll have the best time at camp with her friend Willow - but while Olive makes quick friends with the other campers, Willow struggles to form connections and latches on to the only person she knows - Olive. The stress of being Willow's living security blanket begins to wear on Olive and before long, the girls aren't just fighting, they may not even be friends by the time camp is over. Will the two be able to patch things up before the final lights out?

Graphic novels - Comic books - Cartoons

Age: From 8 to 10 years


Kayla Miller, Kayla Miller

224 pages

H: 205mm W: 140mm

Weight: 343 grams