Blue, Blue Christmas

Blue, Blue Christmas

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Forget the woolly jumpers, yule logs and snow, this kid is going to show Santa Claus how we do Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere - with sunglasses, beach cricket, surfing and barbecues!

"Santa! It's urgent! I'm not sure if you know - down here Christmas is in summer! It's blue, blue skies and if you get fried in that suit it'll be a bummer."

While everybody is geting ready for Christmas, one kid is worried. Does Santa know it's summer in the southern hemisphere? What if he overheats? She decides to send him a message. If the big guy gets her invitation, she'll show him how much fun a blue, blue Christmas can be!

A charming and funny story about how we celebrate Christmas in Aotearoa with words and music to sing along with by acclaimed musician Anna Coddington and illustrations by award-winning Story Hemi-Morehouse. Te reo Māori edition HE KIRIHIMETE KAHURANGI also available!

Children’s: picture books - activity books - early learning concepts

Age: From 3 to 7 years


Anna Coddington, Story Hemi-Morehouse

32 pages

H: 254mm W: 253mm Spine: 5mm

Weight: 230 grams