Bibi: A flamingo's tale

Bibi: A flamingo's tale

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Wise old flamingo Bibi has been with her flock for as long as anyone can remember. Follow her journey in this beautifully illustrated celebration of old age and community from the talented creator of the award-winning picture book Little One.

When the lake dries up, the flamingos are forced to leave their babies behind and fly away to find water. Bibi bravely volunteers to guide the baby flamingos on foot across the barren salt flats to reunite with their parents. But when one little flamingo starts to fall behind, Bibi teaches everyone a valuable lesson about community and the importance of being there to help one another in times of need.

With stunning charcoal illustrations and a hint of pink, Jo Weaver brings this heartwarming tale of love and respect for the elderly to life.

Children’s: picture books

Age: From 3 years


Jo Weaver

32 pages

H: 268mm W: 268mm Spine: 4mm

Weight: 280 grams