Being Magdalene

Being Magdalene

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Aotearoa New Zealand Author

The gripping sequel to the bestselling YA novels I am not Esther and I am Rebecca.

Four years after Rebecca fled the religious community The Children of the Faith, twelve-year-old Magdalene bears the brunt of trying to protect and nurture her rebellious younger sister. Zillah isn't at all interested in behaving as befits a daughter of a Faith family, but Magdalene knows only too well the cost of rebellion. Life becomes increasingly difficult for the two girls as the Elders tighten the Rules the children must obey. Magdalene knows it is useless to appeal to their father for help and protection. He believes fully in the integrity of the Elders. His children must obey for if they do not, they will be denied salvation.

But what can two children do when their lives become unbearable?

Another wonderful novel by an award-winning writer.

Children’s / Teenage fiction

Age: From 14 years


Fleur Beale

320 pages

H: 197mm W: 129mm Spine: 18mm

Weight: 228 grams