Badjelly the Witch: A Fairy Story (hardback)

Badjelly the Witch: A Fairy Story (hardback)

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A special hardback 50th anniversary edition of much-loved fairy story, Badjelly the Witch.

Badjelly, the baddest witch in all the world, is coming to get you! Badjelly the Witch can turn children into sausages or chop them up to make boy-girl soup. She can turn policemen into apple trees or bananas into mice! Tee hee hee hee!

Tim and Rose's terrifying encounter with Badjelly is a classic fairy tale, loved by children for 50 years. This celebratory gift edition contains comic genius Spike Milligan's original hand-lettered story and illustrations, and an introduction written by his family. Hardcover with Badjelly in a deliciously shiny purple foil, this special story will delight today's children just as much as it did 50 years ago.

Children's: picture books - activity books - early learning concepts

Age: From 5 to 9 years


Spike Milligan

56 pages

H: 267mm W: 217mm Spine: 11mm

Weight: 426 grams