Answers in the Pages

Answers in the Pages

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Donovan is excited to read The Adventurers, the new book Mr Howe has assigned his class. But before he can dig in, his mother gets her hands on it-and she is not excited by what she reads. Soon the whole town is freaking out about whether the book's two main characters are gay, and Donovan is caught in the middle.

Rick and Oliver are the two main characters in The Adventurers. They're trying to stop an evil genius from acquiring the Doomsday Code and destroying life as we know it. Meanwhile, Gideon and Roberto have been paired up on their own book project, which draws them closer and closer together...

With Answers in the Pages, bestselling author David Levithan delivers a bold, fun story about taking action (whether it's against book censors or killer alligators), being brave (in love and in adventure) and standing up for what's right, no matter the circumstances.


Age: From 8 years


David Levithan

176 pages

H: 198mm W: 128mm