Animals (paperback)

Animals (paperback)

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A mini pocket book for young animal lovers Discover some of the strangest species in the animal kingdom in this brilliant mini book packed with pictures and bulging with fun facts. Pocket Eyewitness Animals uses bite-sized chunks of information to make learning about animals even more fun.

From flamingos to frogs, explore the animal family tree and find out the unique features that make an elephant a mammal, or a shark a fish. Inside you'll find everyday animals you might see in your garden as well as rare and exotic species. For each entry, this handy guide profiles habitat, diet, size, and behaviour, along with cool facts about the most curious creatures.

Perfect for school projects and homework assignments as well as for young animal lovers, Pocket Eyewitness Animals will tell you everything you need to know about animals in one pocket-sized book.

Children's / Teenage reference material, Children's / Teenage: General interest



160 pages

H: 128mm W: 96mm Spine: 9mm

Weight: 120 grams