Katipo Joe: Blitzkrieg : Young Adult Fiction reviewed

Katipo Joe: Blitzkrieg : Young Adult Fiction reviewed

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Jan (Local School Librarian) read &reviewed;

Joe lives a comfortable life with his diplomat parents in Berlin, just as Hitler and the Nazi party are rising to power. After his father is seized in the middle of the night, Joe’s world changes forever and he and his mother are forced to flee Germany for England in order to save their own llives.

Safely in London, Joe’s mother sends him away to live with relatives in  New Zealand but after a few years, deperate to be reunited with her, Joe stows away on a ship bound for England. But once he reaches England, Joe realises the danger he has put himself in; he can’t find his mother and the whole of London is being devastated by nightly air-raids.

Recruited by MI5, to infiltrate the Hitler Youth movement, Joe is plunged into a world of violence and terror which will test him to the very limits of his endurance. Joe is a resourceful young man who is a reluctant spy. He doesn’t think of himself as particularly brave, but he is definitely quick thinking and courageous in a crisis!

This is an action-packed book containing some violence. I can see it becoming a very popular series, particularly for lovers of the ‘Alex Rider’ or ‘The Cherub’ series. 


Joseph St George is a young New Zealander, the son of diplomats in 1930s Berlin. But the Nazis are on the rise and the world is on a spinning path to destruction. Joe's world is about to change, violently. Katipo Joe is a story of incredible heroism, unlikely friendships and unbearable tragedy, set against the backdrop of World War Two.

Children’s / Teenage fiction and true stories


Brian Falkner

416 pages