The Marvellous Land of Snergs

The Marvellous Land of Snergs

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Reviewed by Jan (Local School Librarian) reviewed Aug 21

This is a re-telling of a much older story which apparently helped inspire “The Hobbit”. It is a magical story, with a fairy-tale ‘feel’; full of humour, friendship and courage. It has a strong message about the danger of making assumptions about people before you really get to know them.

When friends Pip and Flora stray outside the boundaries of the “Sunny Bay Home for Superfluous and Accidentlally Parentless Children” they find themselves in a world of danger. Luckily, Gorbo the snerg comes to their rescue...or at least he tries too! 

There are lots of humourus moments in this story and I loved the character of Gorbo who has such a good heart but always ends up in trouble! 

I think this would be a fantastic book to share with younger readers by reading aloud, or for older children to immerse themselves in. Highly recommended.

Rowena, Team member, review too: was a wonderful read about friendship and courage, loved the humour.  Can see why it was inspiring.


Pip and Flora are running away from the Sunny Bay Home for Superfluous and Accidentally Parentless Children when they discover the Marvellous Land of Snergs. Here they befriend forgetful but lovable snerg, Gorbo. He will lead them home - if they can decide where home really is, and if Gorbo can remember how to get there.



Veronica Cossanteli

320 pages

H: 191mm W: 153mm Spine: 24mm

Weight: 340 grams