71 Lessons From The Sky

71 Lessons From The Sky

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Learn from the experiences of other helicopter pilots.

Packed with seventy one powerful lessons, 71 Lessons From The Sky is a new survival guide for helicopter pilots detailing real incidents and accidents taken from the FAA (USA), CHIRP (UK) and CASA (Australia). Learn from Claude Vuichard - as he details his Vortex Ring State Recovery Technique, and from Mark Ogden - editor of Heliops Magazine, as he identifies pitfalls pilots miss in training. Also included are lessons on situational awareness, complacency, fatigue, and stories about wire strikes from pilots who lived to share the tale.

Many of the stories are from seasoned aviators and ground crew, but even with all their experience, they were unaware of the potential air disaster ahead of them, falling victim to the situation, but surviving to share their lessons. These lessons offer firsthand experience in identifying the signs aircrew may miss until it's too late.

This is the fourth book in the Lessons From The Sky series, offering rare insight into the risks pilots and crew face.

An essential read for all current and future pilots. Blue skies and fly safely.



Fletcher McKenzie

334 pages

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