A Prince and a Spy

A Prince and a Spy

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The thrilling follow up to the Sunday Times bestseller Hitler's Secret, as Tom Wilde returns to unravel a dangerous mystery that goes all the way to the heart of the Third Reich - and the British Monarchy.

Sweden, 1942 - Two old friends meet. They are cousins. One is Prince George, Duke of Kent, brother of the King of England. The other is Prince Philipp von Hesse, a committed Nazi and close friend of Adolf Hitler.

Days later, the Prince George is killed in a plane crash in the north of Scotland. The official story is that it was an accident - but not everyone is convinced.

There is even a suggestion that the Duke's plane was sabotaged, but with no evidence, Cambridge spy Tom Wilde is sent north to discover the truth . . .

Historical fiction


Rory Clements

480 pages

H: 234mm W: 153mm Spine: 34mm

Weight: 575 grams