Move Like A Lion

Move Like A Lion

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This illustrated children's book inspires children to get active and have fun as they explore life in the animal kingdom.

Get up off the sofa and start moving with former Blue Peter presenter Radzi Chinyanganya, in his first children's book. Learn to walk like a crab, swing like a monkey, and slide like a penguin in this book from the Winter Olympics presenter that helps children have fun and get active, all the while learning about favourite animals.

Simple exercises show children different activities they can easily do, any time and any place, with no extra equipment required! All of the moves are modelled on the natural movements of the animals and can be easily integrated into the day, with an exercise to do when you wake up, suggestions for ones to do during the day, and a relaxing exercise to help children settle down for bedtime. Radzi wants every kid to enjoy the amazing way exercise can make you feel.

Illustrations by Francesca Rosa accompany the exercises, showing young readers exactly what they need to do for each one. Ideal for both active kids and children who are a bit more reluctant to go out and play, this exciting new book teaches them about the natural world as they have fun moving their bodies.

Health & Excerise

Age: From 5 years


Radzi Chinyanganya

96 pages

H: 200mm W: 135mm Spine: 7mm

Weight: 95 grams