Taming the Wild

Taming the Wild

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An inspiring guide to acquiring, training and riding your very own wild horse.  Wild Kaimanawas set her on a journey of self-discovery, teaching her not only the language of horses, but the powerful impact they can have on our lives.

In Taming the Wild, Kelly Wilson shares her training philosophies for creating happy horses that love their lives among humans.

From learning how to read a horse's body language to taming a horse and starting it under saddle, this book is the ultimate how-to guide for everyday people training their own horse, whether wild or domestic.

It is also the personal, uplifting story of the 24 wild horses Kelly helped save from slaughter during the 2018 Kaimanawa muster, and the experience of mentoring 10 riders as they tamed their very first horses.

Full of breathtaking photography, Taming the Wild will educate and inspire novice and experienced riders alike, or anyone who wants to better understand the wild ways of these exquisite creatures.

Nature and the natural world: general interest, Memoirs


Kelly Wilson

336 pages

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