Mahi Tahi

Mahi Tahi

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The children in this book dress up and work together to put on a show - culminating in a triumphant "homai kia rima!" or "high five!"

The vocabulary in this book is a little more advanced than that of the other books in the series, but teachers who take it one phrase at a time have found it an excellent resource for vocabulary and sentence structure growth.

The dancy rock and roll tune also makes this an excellent song for clean up time - or for letting loose when it's time to boogy!

  •  Children can follow the actions to put on their own show
  • Te reo Maori words for zoo animals and instructions
  • Illustrations are colourful, interesting and tell the story
  • Favourite of children aged 4 - 8 years
  • Includes English translation, activity ideas, guitar chords

Sharon Lee Holt, Deborah Jane Hindt

24 pages

H: 210mm W: 297mm Spine: 3mm