Music and How it Works: The Complete Guide for Kids

Music and How it Works: The Complete Guide for Kids

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Introducing kids to the soundtrack of their lives and explore a host of genres, artists, and the technical and scientific side of music. Take a visual journey through the world of music and learn the science behind it too. Budding music fans will love discovering musical geniuses of every era, from Mozart and classical music to Bowie and pop, as well as finding out how music is created and what links it all together.

The book explains how music is made using rhythm and melody. It covers genres from folk and classical to the modern music phenomena of hip hop and electronica. Instruments and music from across the world are featured, with "playlists" of key pieces encouraging kids to look up the music to hear for themselves.

STEAM spreads delve into the psychology and maths behind music, from how it affects our mood to how it can improve our minds. Covering Jamaica's reggae, the USA's country, Korea's K pop, and more, this book will help children discover a love of music.


Music, Educational material

Age: From 7 years



96 pages

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