The Raupo Dictionary Of Modern Māori

The Raupo Dictionary Of Modern Māori

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Contains over 50,000 concise entries divided into Māori-English and English-Māori sections. Includes all the words most commonly used by fluent Māori speakers. Features a vocabulary list with words for new inventions, metric terms, modern concepts and scientific, computer, technological and legal terms.

Incorporates an easy-to-use guide to the pronunciation of Māori and a section on Māori grammar.

Includes separate lists giving Māori translations of seasons, months, days of the week, points of the compass, parts of the body, New Zealand and overseas place names, and personal names. Contains a Māori proverbs section, complete with translations and interpretations, and a map of tribal areas.



P.M. Ryan

816 pages

H: 222mm W: 154mm Spine: 42mm

Weight: 1070 grams